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Production Process

Production Process

01 Metal Iron Materials

Select the wire specification according to the application range and weight resistance of the product.

Automatic wire forming and processing

02 Wire cutting

Use a wire drawing machine to cut and straighten the stainless steel in the coil to the required size, and confirm whether the quality of the wire meets the standard.

wire forming processing automation

03 Forming/Welding

The iron wire is welded and stamped to achieve the style needed by customizing the production process requirement. For welding, use a butt welder/argon welder to combine the iron wire with the iron wire. In stamping, the welded flat mesh is processed twice to achieve the style required.

hardware accessories
Automatic wire forming and processing

04 Surface Treatment

According to the finished products' requirements, surface treatment can improve the metal materials' surface properties, such as corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, coating, and insulating.

Development and manufacturing of iron wire products

05 Packaging and transportation

All finished products will be re-inspected in all aspects to ensure the quality of the products to be shipped. After the packaging process, they will be put into a plastic bag with manuals and then packaged and transported.

Wire processing racks

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