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About Us

About Us

Professional manufacturer of wire products

Yuanjyun Industry was founded and built from scratch by two brothers who have contributed their hard work and persistence for decades. Since the establishment of the company. They have always adhered to "manufacturing high-quality products with a rigorous attitude." While they continue to focus and pursue high-quality services and quality, they also seek to innovate products and processes.
At present, the primary production and processing projects are all kinds of baking varnish and electroplating iron wire products, baking varnish iron, wire display racks, electroplating wire forming display racks, iron wire forming, iron wire processing products, hardware accessories, bathroom display racks, baking varnish wire racks, OEM kitchen paints and electroplating hardware wire supplies, various wire decorations, bathroom accessories, display racks, and the other products.

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Why choose Yuanjyun Industry?

Professional and Trustworthy

OEM/ODM Manufacturing
Fulfill diverse requirements from customers

  • All kinds of baking varnish and electroplated iron wire products
  • Painted iron wire display stand
  • Electroplating wire forming display stand
  • Painted wire rack
  • A variety of wire decoration
  • Wire forming
  • Wire processing products
  • Hardware accessories
  • Kitchen baking varnish and electroplating hardware wire supplies
  • Bathroom accessories
  • Development and manufacturing of iron wire products
  • Mold fixture development and design

Development of iron wire products and processing molds and fixtures that meet customer requirements for finished products to ensure that molds' fixtures can be used for mass production, improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, and help customers improve market competitiveness.

Our quality policy is the four core elements of "Innovation, Professionalism, Rigor, and Attitude." Through this corporate culture, we implement the overall quality core from top to bottom. Every product and every production link is produced with this kind of thinking. Products that make customers feel at ease, rest assured and satisfied.

  • Innovation
  • Rigorous
  • Professional
  • Attitude

Yuanjyun Industry welcomes you to contact us!